Welcome Message


Dear Participants,   On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee members, I would like to personally welcome each one of you to the 5th International Conference in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. It is an exciting time for Pediatric Emergency Medicine as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive “patient-focused”. The world of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is an exciting area in which to work, and we will continue to meet and bring inspired people together in conference like this, to ensure our organization remains at the cutting edge.  




Mohammed Al Faifi, MD

Saleh Al Shehri, MD

Hamad Al Madi, MD

Mohammed Al Omar, MD

Abdulaziz Al Ali, MD

Ahmed Al Saleh, MD

Abdullah Al Khenizan, MD

Hashim Bin Salleeh, MD

Turki Al Harbi, MD

Ahmad AlMadani, MD

Abdullah Akkam, MD

Abdullah Al Qahtani, MD

Afaf Al Sagheir, MD

Amani Alkofide, MD

Fadiah Alkhattabi, MD

Temitope Sopeyin, MD

Ali Al Khulafi, MD

Hani Hariri, MD

Ahmad Althekair, MD

Ghassan A. Shaath, MD

Mohammad Al Otaibi, MD

Ismail Al Sabei, MD

Hadi Al Yami, MD

Saeed Alzahrani, MD

Khalid Dagriri, MD

Muhammad Tashkandi, MD

Mohammed AL Shamrani, MD

Nidal Yazbek, RN BSN